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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a published price sheet that has the cost of the mounting options and any add ons that may apply to your request.

Northwoods will never let a customer’s mount take more than one year. In fact many customers are pleasantly surprised when we complete their trophy earlier than expected.

Yes, we do. Our process is to boil the skulls. We do not use beetles.

Yes, we do wet and dry tans.

Yes, absolutely. Everything is repairable

Absolutely, we have customers do it all the time. The best way is to have the hide salted and shipped through a local taxidermist. Otherwise if it’s shipped raw it needs to be frozen, wrapped in a foam cooler and shipped overnight or guaranteed 2nd day.

We have normal business hours from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon.–Fri. Exceptions can be made for drop offs and pick ups after hours and weekends.

Between Dan and Kyle, we have 50+ years experience, not just in the taxidermy industry, but actually doing taxidermy.

We use specific forms to best match each mount, these forms are made from a high-density foam material.

Dusty mounts can be gently vacuumed with light suction or feathered dusted. If bugs are present or your mount is losing hair call your taxidermist immediately.

Yes, we can provide delivery typically at a charge and in some cases with larger orders we will wave the charge.

Yes, being a full service taxidermy studio we not only do big game and exotics but we also do waterfowl, fish, small game, and even rugs.

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